Hello and welcome - we’re thrilled to have you here!

8 O S (pronounced Eight-Oh-S) is a dynamic stage concert for all-ages, designed to transport some of the biggest hits and most memorable tunes from the 1980’s to today's audiences. 


Backed by a rockin’ band comprised of seasoned professionals who lived and breathed the 80s, three young and talented ladies come together to create the signature sound and spectacle of 8 O S. Join our three distinctive characters, LAVA, JADE and SKY, on a toe-tapping and smashing hits tour of one of the best-loved decades in music history: the unforgettable 80s!

The Rock Chic

Our LAVA is so much more than just another rock chic replica. With vocals as bold and powerful as her personality, LAVA brings an energetic presence to the stage whenever she performs. This self-proclaimed rock chic lives and breathes for a legendary guitar solo and a big pyrotechnic finish! We always ensure that there is a fire extinguisher close at hand when LAVA is in the house. Equal parts tough and sultry, she bursts onto the stage with her striking vocals and signature moves. LAVA’s free-spirited and spontaneous nature combine with just a bit of a bad-girl edge to provide a performance you won’t soon forget.

The Diva

Step aside J Lo, there’s a new diva in town and her name is JADE. A beautiful and charismatic leading lady, JADE brings polished perfection to the stage and balances our trio with her serenely soothing vocals. The epitome of class and elegance, JADE mesmerises audiences from the moment she steps out from the wings. She thoroughly enjoys the spotlight, where she can shine like the star that she is. JADE always displays an air of grace and sashays on in her trademark sophisticated style, leaving audiences wanting more each time she leaves the stage.

The Sweetheart

If sunshine could take on a human form, it would still be outshone by SKY. With a smile so bright she almost doesn’t need onstage lighting, Sky is the sweetheart of the group with a heart of solid gold and a voice to match. With her sugary sweet vocals, sunny disposition and undeniable cuteness, SKY loves to take a great rock ballad and perform her heart out.  Unpretentious and seemingly oblivious to fame, SKY performs for the joy of it and lets her love for music escape with every performance.

With the very best in modern technology and production value, we guarantee a great time for all generations, whether they experienced the 80s in person or discovered gems from the past on YouTube!

We look forward to sharing some quality time together when we visit a venue near you soon.